Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Welcome to The Artifacts Of Rock

Our mission is to explore all aspects of "The Golden Era" of vintage art rock posters.  This, endearingly, is the period between 1955-1971.  After which the industry was taken over by corporate entities and advertisers.  It was a time when the world was changing very fast, socially,  culturally, musically, and of coarse art moved with tthis as well.

We wish to uncover stories about the history of these audacious  brilliant works of psychedelia and what, why and who brought them about. These are very interesting stories, whether you were there to live those times and attended the venues (or) you just admire the sheer aesthetic beauty of these pieces.  You may not be aware that these silly rock posters are featured in The Smithsonian, The Whitney Museum, NYC and SF Museum of Modern Art just to name a few. 

We will also be exploring the burgeoning investment opportunities that these vintage rock concert posters bring these days.  Many of these rare posters are worth 4-5 thousand dollars and up.  Also, we'll discuss many back stories about the artists, hippies, San Francisco, the psychedelic sound, how the counter culture started and of coarse how the art rock posters reflected the sign of the times.

For more articles, history of the artists, brilliant displays of colorful art posters and other concert memorabilia PLUS much, much more... please visit our main web site.

You may join our forum there and view or purchase available products we discuss in these pages.  These were fascinating times and my wish is that you have many stories of your own to share about rock 'n' roll, the 1960s, The Summer Of Love, Fillmore West, San Francisco, posters as an art form, poster collecting and investing.  Amazing and varied subject.

Welcome to The Magical History Tour,

Billy Bryant